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GEAR ROCK Revelstoke roof tent rental

Normal price €45,00

GEAR ROCK Revelstoke


The GEAR ROCK Revelstoke is the fastest to open roof tent. It is made entirely of aluminum and therefore offers features that no other roof tent can offer. The completely circumferential guide rail serves as a holder for two cross beams, with which up to 160kg can be transported. Ring eyelets, holders for shoe bags, fasteners and ladder holders can also be individually adjusted. Set up the roof tent according to your needs and the vehicle. The Revelstoke offers a lying area of ​​135 x 200cm, with a maximum headroom of 140cm. It is equipped with a 2.30m long telescopic ladder, lockable locks, mattress pad, LED light strips, shoe bags and luggage net. Due to its particularly flat design, it is particularly suitable for tall vehicles (17cm without carrier). The felt lining on the inside and the sloping shape of the upper shell also ensure very good noise insulation. The Revelstoke weighs 77kg and can therefore be used for vehicles with a dynamic roof load of 75kg or more. You can find a lot more information on "GEAR ROCK Revelstoke - hard shell roof tent".


- Extra cross member on upper shell (160kg capacity)

- Telescopic ladder (2.3m) with ladder bag

- Tension rods e.g. Setting up the openings

- Lockable closures

- Luggage net

- Shoe bags

- Zip-off tent body

- Mesh fabric 3D (mattress underlay)

- LED light strip

Rental prices:

(valid when booked by December 31, 2024)

45 € / day (minimum duration 4 days)

10% discount / from 7 days

15% discount / from 14 days

20% discount / from 21 days



- Cars with a roof load of at least 75kg
- Suitable roof racks (minimum distance 75cm, load capacity of at least 75kg)


We take care of installing the roof tent on your vehicle. With the complete briefing and all the useful tips for getting around, you can start your holiday straight from us. Returns work the same way and everything is included in the price. You also don't pay a deposit. The handover location is always our showroom store in 27432 Bremervörde.

Please allow 1-2 hours for assembly, depending on the vehicle type. In the booking form we will ask you for the desired pickup time. If you have made the online booking, you will receive an email confirming the time or other suggestions. You can view the rental conditions using the link above under “I have read and agree with the terms”.

If you have any questions about renting a roof tent, please visit our information page "Rent a roof tent at Canada Gear".

Do you need help and have questions about whether a roof tent fits on your vehicle or trailer? Please contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.