What is the Yellow Knife Kitchen Cube?

Kitchen box im Einsatz als Camping Küche


This is quickly explained: the Yellow Knife products such as:b. Yellow Knife Kitchen Cube are outdoor kitchen boxes for use on the go and when camping.

These are lightweight camping boxes with plenty of storage space that can be used efficiently. Integrated into a fold-out worktop unit, a mini-sized kitchen is ready for immediate use in just a few simple steps. The materials come from real kitchen furniture construction and are modularly expandable. A concept that is unique on the market and is based on our demands of unrestricted suitability for expeditions.

Yellow Knife Logo Outdoor Küche

Where did the name Yellow Knife come from?

The term Yellow Knife refers to a First Nations people (Yellowknife) in Canada. They lived in the forest and lake areas north and east of the Great Slave Lakes in the Northwest Territories. Today the provincial capital of the part of Canada with the most lakes is the city of the same name, Yellowknife. It is called the center of the wilderness and still offers everything that is important to people. As the second northernmost state, the harsh conditions that people had to face throughout the history of settlement are considered to be harsh. We took this approach to the harsh wilderness and the special requirements it creates as an opportunity for our new brand.


Outdoor Küche in Kitchen Box geöffnet


What is the difference to other kitchen boxes?

Right from the start, we focused on lightweight and sustainable materials. A fully equipped Yellow Knife Kitchen Cube weighs e.g.b. less than a case of mineral water. The poplar laminated wood used is one of the lightest wood materials on the market. Coated with HPL, which is known from kitchen construction, it combines lightweight with a robust work surface.

The connection and the folding function of the side and lid parts is achieved by the second material component, namely steel. By folding in the right places, enormous rigidity and further weight savings are achieved. Weather protection is guaranteed by powder coating the steel parts and waxing all wooden edges.

Both components are connected by high-quality furniture fittings such as:b. Lid closures with a load capacity of 200kg per individual part.

The size of each Yellow Knife Box can be ideally combined with e.g.b. Euro boxes, which are often used in storage space. Thanks to the adaptable rubber feet, the Yellow Knife Kitchen Cube is also suitable for any type of pull-out and forms a removable kitchen unit.
The special rigidity together with the selection of high-quality components from furniture making make the Yellow Knife Box unique. Comprehensive functionality like real kitchens made in Germany is what sets our camping kitchen apart from other manufacturers.

What fits into the Yellow Knife camping kitchen?


Inhalt der Camping Küche in Größe 60 x 40cm


Inhalt der Camping Küche in Größe 40 x 40cm

The Yellow Knife kitchen box is available in 2 sizes: 40cm and 60cm width. The 40 box has one full-width drawer, the larger version has two drawers. Due to the deliberately chosen height and depth dimensions, many useful items can fit in, such as:b. Pots and dishes, gas cartridges, thermo mugs and many other kitchen utensils.

Take a look at the two pictures where we have listed examples of useful camping equipment. All of this fits into the 40 or 60 box. Thanks to the extra high lid compartment (10cm internal height), you can place almost any type of gas stove here. At the same time, it is also used in the kitchen box and you can use it quickly as usual.

Camping tableware for 4 people can be packed in the 40 Yellow Knife Box using folding camping pots such as:b. Sea to Summit X-Pot Set, stow away completely.

By using the different sized Yellow Knife inlays, you can e.g.b. Store cutlery, kitchen knives and other utensils within easy reach and orderly. The back part of each drawer is also equipped with a stand, where e.g.b. Plates can be stored upright and within easy reach.

So you can see that it is important to us that there must be quick use and clarity like in a real kitchen.

Are there any expansion options for the Yellow Knife kitchen box?

Yes, there are. In the Yellow Knife Kitchen Cube section, you can see the kitchen box models and all the accessories. You can e.g.b. Equip both drawers with Inlays, which are available in two different depths. These are great for storing cutlery and other small dishes in the top part of the drawer. So adapt it to your needs. The wooden strips that provide support for this are built into the drawers from the start.


Yellow Knife Kitchenbox Einsätze


Aufnahme der Yellow Knife Küchenbox aus der Ferne

In order to have kitchen utensils such as wooden spoons or knives nearby when cooking, you can, for example.b. Attach grip magnets with eyelets or carabiner magnets to the opened lid. This is very practical, especially if you have little space on the camping table or want to operate the Yellow Knife Kitchen Cube from the pull-out.

For using the gas stove outside in windy weather, choose the Yellow Knife wind protection. This is very easy to attach magnetically and can be flexibly adjusted. Matching both Yellow Knife Kitchen Cube sizes, it is a perfect addition.


Where is the Yellow Knife Kitchen Cube made?

The Yellow Knife Kitchen Cube and all accessories are MADE IN GERMANY. We work with specialist companies in the areas of furniture construction and metal processing. The latest technology in CNC wood milling and lasering of high-precision metal parts are standard among our partners.

Collaboration with regional specialist companies also ensures a reliable supply chain. Quality and manufacturing by experienced companies provide the basis for long-term use of the Yellow Knife kitchen box.Yellow Knife Campingküche made in germany

Where can I look at the Yellow Knife products and get more information?

For a live impression, please come by our central store at any time and you can view all Yellow Knife products. Many of our dealers also have these on display and in stock. Check out our Store Locator to find the nearest retail partner near you.

If you have any further questions in advance about the Yellow Knife products, as well as the large Outdoor Cooking Accessories from us, Feel free to write using the Contact form or call us on 04761 925 8747