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Vanlife Camper Modul für Fahrzeugausbau

Do you want to equip your van, transporter or high-roof station wagon with sleeping accommodation? All this without making any changes to the vehicle in order to remain as flexible as possible? This is exactly where we can help you with our know-how and explain everything about van modular systems to you in the following questions.

Which vehicle types are suitable for this?

You would like to stay overnight in your vehicle with 2 people? Then of course the interior must first have the space for it. The smallest vehicle type is the high-roof station wagon such as:b. VW Caddy, Citroen Berlingo, Renault Kangoo, Toyota ProAce City and many more. As a rule, it should be the maxi version of the respective vehicle model in order to be able to use maximum space. There are no upper limits to the vehicle limit. With the VW T6, Ford Transit, Toyota ProAce, Mercedes Sprinter and many other vans you have even more options when it comes to space utilization and can equip interior systems more generously.

How many sleeping places can I set up?

If you have at least one high-roof station wagon, you can set up sleeping space for two people inside. Depending on whether you have the long version (Maxi) with a larger trunk space or just the normal version, there are suitable sleeping systems in different lengths and widths, tailored to every vehicle type and size.


Visu Camping Modul Einbau im VW Bus Van System

Visu Camping Modul im Van VW Bus zum Camper Fahrzeug Ausbau

What kind of sleep systems are there?

We recommend camping modules for easy installation and removal without making any changes to the vehicle. Sleeping systems in modular form also have the advantage that you can use your vehicle as a camper today and again tomorrow to transport people or as a transport vehicle. Such modular systems are simply carried into the trunk and secured there using a shroud tensioner and lashing strap. There are small differences between the providers which we will introduce to you here:

VISU Camping Module

The sleep systems from VISU are characterized by an intelligent storage system based on a modular principle. Individual modules can be placed in the vehicle by just one person and are easy to connect to each other. Strong side panels made of laser-cut steel offer a perfect combination of load capacity, handling and unique design.

The highlights of the VISU camping modules are definitely the fold-out table surface from the base plate, seating options on two sides, quality mattress that can also be plugged in as a back cushion, pull-out kitchen unit, fully equipped (depending on the model), the expandability with additional modules and the large selection of sizes (for every vehicle type, short and long version).

EASYGOINC van systems

EASYGOINC van systems are modules that are tailored to use and size. The sports module uses the entire interior width, has an extendable sliding slatted frame, various pull-out systems and the whole thing is designed on a Eurobox basis. With the bike module, only half the interior width is used to accommodate equipment such as bicycles etc.ä to be able to transport large objects. Here too, pull-out slatted frame parts are used to use the entire interior width as a sleeping area.

Highlights of the EASYGOINC van systems are the adjustable lying surface using a sliding slatted frame, different sizes and versions of pull-out systems, vehicle installation as a complete unit (requires 2 people), use of aluminum profiles for multifunctional, supplementary use and premium mattress parts that can be folded compactly and connected with a zipper.

Canada Gear is the official distributor of both brands exclusively in Northern Germany. From advice to installation and spare parts supply, we offer the complete program.

Easygoing Van Modul im VW Bus Camper

How are the module systems attached to the vehicle?

You place the module in the vehicle, take the included lashing straps or shroud tensioners and attach the side panels to the lashing eyes in the vehicle floor. If these are in an unfavorable position, you can create additional points in the floor rails using adapted ring eyelets that are supplied with you.

By using the lashing points on the vehicle, your vehicle is not changed, so you retain the highest value even if you sell it. In addition, with a camping module you are extremely flexible and can quickly and easily take it out again and use your vehicle again for transport purposes. If your van needs to be replaced after a few years and you remain in the vehicle category, simply take your module with you to the next vehicle.


You want to equip your vehicle as a camper for the whole family?

If there is not enough sleeping space inside and you also need overnight accommodation for your children, then you can easily equip your van with a roof tent. Panel vans have the advantage of a large roof area and a high roof load at the same time. You can therefore add any roof tent size, from roof tents for 2-3 people to roof tents for 4-5 people as Family version. If 2 additional sleeping spaces are enough, Hard shell roof tents are the most popular because they have little height and are super quick to open due to the use of gas struts. In the category Roof tents for the car you get an overview of all roof tent variants, the advantages and disadvantages and what should be taken into account. We also advise you personally on this topic, just as you want. If you have any questions, please write to us using our Contact form or call 04761 9258747

Can I try out a camping module beforehand at Canada Gear?

Yes you can! There is a large selection of models at VISU and EASYGOINC. Contact us and we will tell you which modules are currently available for rental. In principle, you can view all types in our showroom at any time and get advice from us. We have had van systems in our range for many years and have gained a lot of experience. Tell us which vehicle you would like to convert into a camper and we will help you.

Which accessories can I use with the module systems?

You can expand your module individually or equip it with accessories. In our category Camping Module Accessories there are kitchen extensions, system accessories for every module manufacturer, ventilation grilles or Eurobox accessories. You can also equip both manufacturer systems with a multifunctional, module-independent Kitchen Box extension. The Yellow Knife Kitchen Cube is an ultralight camping kitchen box for space-saving use on the go. The different box sizes give you complete freedom, made by Canada Gear.

In the Vehicle Accessories category you will also find a lot of other equipment for your campervan, such as cool boxes, portable heaters, storage boxes, rack systems and much more.

For all camping modules, as well as the entire range of accessories, we offer you full service for spare parts, repairs and vehicle configuration.

If you have any questions about Adventure Vanlife, contact us at any time or get advice in our showroom store in Bremervörde. We will help you in all aspects for your perfect on-the-go experience.


Camper Van Modul Visu mit Dachzelt Fahrzeug Ausbau