This is how roof tent rental works

Dachzelt mieten von Canada Gear


Hey! Are you curious about roof tents, but not quite sure whether you want to buy a roof tent?
We have the perfect solution, because we also offer all roof tents from our range for rental at.
With our roof tents you can quickly transform your car into a camper and start the adventure right away!
Whether for testing for a weekend or a big road trip over several weeks . All of this is possible with us.


This is how renting a roof tent from Canada Gear works

It's great that you found us and that we can make this adventure possible for you.
The beginning has been made, either you have booked the roof tent online or we have already been in contact by email. In both cases, a rental agreement is created for the period you want.

When booking via Mail we will create an invoice for you with a 25% deposit (remaining payment upon collection).

On our booking platform you can also make spontaneous bookings (calendar function) and use payment methods such as Paypal or credit card. The same rental agreement is stored for both booking forms. For cancellation reasons that have to do with Corona, we will grant a full refund and without cancellation fees.

You can get a detailed insight into the rental conditions in the Rent roof tent - online booking portal.

The time has finally come, the day of collection has come and you can hardly wait to start your vacation. We would like to explain a few points to you beforehand so that you are well prepared for your trip with the roof tent.

After the welcome, we will hang the rental tent in our lifting crane and show you the correct position with the vehicle.

Dachzelt mieten und die Übergabe

So that assembly can start straight away, you have already pre-assembled your roof racks and we place the roof tent on the racks. We then release it from the crane, place the attachment and measure the correct position of the roof tent. It is then securely screwed to the carrier. You don't have to worry about anything here, we'll take care of everything for you.

The roof tent is now attached and we start with the briefing. We will set up the roof tent with you and explain the procedure to you. Next, the roof tent is folded up and closed again. You will also receive instructions on the standard accessories that come with every roof tent.

During the briefing and of course afterwards, you are welcome to ask us any questions you have. In the last step we discuss an approximate time for the return. Now you can start your vacation.
We have summarized the most important questions for you here:

What are the pick-up and drop-off times?

Mon.-Fr. 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

How fast can you drive with the roof tent installed?

With the roof tent installed, all manufacturers give a maximum top speed of 120 km/h

Can the roof tent be folded up when it is wet?

That's not a problem. If it rains when you leave, the roof tent can still be folded up. Make sure that you close all tent entrances before closing it so that no water can get into the roof tent. When you arrive at the next location, you unfold the roof tent again as normal so that it can dry.

What happens in the event of damage?

In the event of any damage, please report it as soon as possible. at the latest when returning. The damage settlement is usually carried out with your liability insurance, as the roof tent is firmly connected to the vehicle. Leave us your insurer's details and we'll take care of everything.

We don't have roof racks, can we still rent a roof tent?

Roof racks are a basic requirement for installing a roof tent.
If you don't own one, there are various options:

Option 1

We have suitable carriers in our rental range.
We have racks available to borrow for the most common vehicles and types of railings.
The rental fee is €5 per day.

Option 2

We don't have any suitable racks to rent for your vehicle, or would you like to purchase your own racks?
We would be happy to find the right racks for you from our partners (e.g.B Rhino Rack) and make you an offer. All we need is the exact vehicle data (name, year of manufacture, open railing, closed railing or fixed point mounting)

Option 3

You want to order your own carriers, but you don't know what's important. In the next point we will be happy to explain to you the most important points when choosing carriers.

Dachzelt mieten und montieren lassen von Canada Gear


Which carrier fits my vehicle and what should I pay attention to?

The basic requirement for mounting a roof tent on a vehicle is a carrier system that is suitable for the mounting options of your vehicle and the weight of the roof tent. It is also important that the weight of the combination of roof rack and roof tent covers the roof load incl. Tolerance limit is not exceeded.

We would like to introduce you to the different fastening systems.

Roof rails

The roof rails are the most common type of carrier mounting. Most vehicles are equipped with this ex works. There are 2 long struts that are mounted lengthways on the driver and passenger side (from back to front). However, there are still small differences in the roof rails. There is the open railing and the closed railing.

The open railing still has some space between the car roof and the railing strut. The closed railing is mounted continuously on the car roof, i.e. without any gaps. Roof racks must have railing-adapted foot kits to ensure a secure connection.

Fixed points

Many other vehicles have fixed points on the roof, these are designated holes in the roof, which are usually provided with a threaded sleeve. Due to the fixed points you cannot freely choose the beam spacing. As a rule, the distances are suitable for the roof tent specifications. Here the support foot kit is attached to the fixed points with screws.

Rail system

Transporters, panel vans or SUVs often have a rail system (C-rails) installed on the vehicle. Here the foot kit comes with a T-profile or mounted on a counter plate in the rail; the distance can be freely selected.

Rain gutter

Older vehicles or off-road vehicles have a rain gutter on the roof for attaching the carrier. These supports must be adapted to the existing rain gutter and can only be obtained from special manufacturers. The foot kit connects the rain gutter with the roof support point and cross member.

Finally, you should pay attention to the maximum load capacity when choosing the carrier.

This should definitely correspond to the weight of the roof tent.

We recommend manufacturers with a max. Load capacity of 50kg per carrier (e.g.b Rhino Rack)

When assembling a roof tent, it is an advantage if there is enough distance between the carrier and the car roof so that assembly can be carried out by hand without any problems.

Which roof tents can be rented?

At Canada Gear, all roof tents that are available for purchase are also available for rental. From the 2-person roof tent to the family roof tent, everything is included. You can choose from the brands Gear Rock and Treeline Outdoors. All roof tents are equipped with the complete accessory package when rented.


Gear Rock Kootenay
2 person hard-shell roof tent
incl. Accessories


Gear Rock Revelstoke
2 person hard-shell roof tent
incl. Accessories


Treeline Redwood
4-5 person roof tent
Incl. Accessories


Treeline Ponderosa
3-4 person roof tent
Incl. Accessories


Treeline Tamarack
2-3 person roof tent
Incl. Accessories


Note: Images similar, color cannot be selected during rental.