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From trailers to roof tents to portable kitchens and all other accessories: In our shop you can buy everything that will make your trip through forests, mountains and fields an unforgettable experience.

Do you love being free and independent out and about in nature? Us too! Our passion is to provide you with the best possible support in living out your passion with the right equipment. That's why we have everything you need for your personal adventure in our shop.

An ultimate feeling of freedom - who doesn't strive for that? And how do you achieve that? We have a suggestion: Take your car, put a roof tent on it, and off you go! At Canada Gear we offer outdoor products in our shop for complete independence on the go.

Treeline Tamarack (Spruce) Treeline Ponderosa (Grey) Treeline Ponderosa (Spruce) Treeline Redwood (Grey) Treeline Tamarack (Grey)

4-season roof tents

Experience Canada also with us

Our roof tents are designed to allow you to travel self-sufficiently and independently. Made for the wilderness and for quick and easy assembly, there are many innovative details in the design that make the difference, specially developed and patented. Check out the differences!

Why Treeline? Models

Offroad Trailer

Away from the streets

Experience true freedom with off-road mini campers.

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Into the Wild

Outdoor equipment for your wilderness adventure

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Camping kitchen in mobile use

Outdoor cooking under new standards, space-saving and intelligent.

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Adventure Vanlife

Freedom on the go!

Your van transformed into a flexible home on the go.

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Camper Trailer of the Year

Pack everything you need and become an adventurer!

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Self-sufficient power supply

Independent without compromise

Portable energy with the latest, fast charging lithium technology.

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Family E. from Braunfels (06/2023)

Our path to the roof tent - an experience report

This is how our camper career began - we started with the “simple” bus experience We, as camping newbies, in my father-in-law's self-built Opel Vivaro. That was 2017. Our oldest was just three quarters...

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