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You want to buy a roof tent from Canada Gear?
But are there still so many questions beforehand?
We at Canada Gear are the best contact for roof tents in Germany and have picked out the top 10 questions and answered it here for you.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us!


Why a roof tent?

There are many reasons for a roof tent. These vary from person to person.
Perhaps you don't want to buy a large motorhome, you want to expand your car or camper for a perfect experience, or you are simply looking for a comfortable and flexible alternative to the ground tent.

With a roof tent you always have your bed with you. There is hardly a shorter route from the car to the place to sleep. Rooftop tents can be set up very quickly and can be completed in just a few steps.
Whether you want to travel alone, as a couple or with the whole family, from the 2-person roof tent to the family roof tent everything is included.
Due to the height of the sleeping place, you are always well protected from wild animals and have the best view of the sunsets. You can see the starry sky e.g.b through the built-in skylights, perfectly admire.

Can I mount a roof tent on any car?

With the right equipment, it is theoretically possible to mount a roof tent on almost any vehicle. There are of course a few exceptions, such as:B a convertible.
Two basic requirements must be observed for mounting on the car.
The dynamic roof load of the car is important when choosing the right roof tent.
The roof tents are of course divided into different weight classes due to the different sizes and materials and should be tailored accordingly.
You can find the roof load information in the vehicle operating instructions or on the Internet.
In addition, you need the option of installing a carrier system on which the roof tent can be mounted (railing, fixed points or similar).


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How do I install a roof tent on my car?

A roof tent is mounted on your vehicle using a carrier system.

This consists of either roof racks (also called crossbars) or an entire support platform. The system you prefer must be previously installed on your vehicle roof and have the same load capacity as the car roof.

Canada Gear roof tents come with the accessories needed to attach to the crossbar or platform.

This hardware kit consists of :

8x aluminum sliding plates
8x M8 stainless steel screws
4x counter plates (stainless steel)
4x M8 toggle nuts
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The sliding plates are inserted using the M8 screws into the C-rails located on the lower shell and placed to the left and right of the carrier. The screws are next passed through the counter plate, which is attached to the underside of the beams, and tightened with the toggle nuts.

When attaching to roof racks, you should maintain a minimum distance of 75cm from each other.
For the 2-person hard shell roof tent Gear Rock Kootenay, the minimum length of the carrier must be 125cm (support on aluminum frame). A shorter length can be used with all other roof tents from Treeline Outdoors and Gear Rock, from the Canada Gear range.

If you feel unsure about the carriers or simply need help from us, then we will be happy to help you. Of course, we also have roof racks and platforms in our range and you can find them here.


How fast can I drive with my roof tent?

If the roof tent is installed correctly, all manufacturers of our roof tents recommend a maximum speed of 120 km/h.

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Where can I stay overnight with my roof tent?

The most popular are of course campsites and any other type of official overnight accommodation. Wild camping is not allowed in Germany and many other countries, but is tolerated in many places.
You should generally avoid standing in landscape or nature reserves.
You should also only stay overnight on private property after prior arrangement.

There are now many different apps and communities through which you can “book” parking spaces on private property.
We are happy to recommend “Landfreuden”. There are opportunities to get a parking space on over 1,300 farms in Germany. All you have to pay is an annual fee of €49.90. The overnight stays are then free.
The parking space guide and the badge are available in our Shop.

Can I prevent condensation from forming?

Unfortunately, the formation of condensation cannot be completely prevented.
Of course, the air you breathe always creates moisture in the tent.

But also due to the materials and the change in temperatures or Due to the weather, some moisture may develop in the tent.
Canada Gear roof tents, which use high-quality materials, are highly breathable. This creates a high exchange of moisture with the surrounding air.
In addition, particularly large openings and extra ventilation options offer perfect air exchange.
For additional air circulation, we recommend the mesh fabric as a mattress base.
This counteracts the formation of moisture in the floor area.

We generally recommend ventilation of the roof tent, even if it is stored or not used for a long time.

What are the differences between a hard-shell roof tent and a soft-top roof tent?


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The biggest differences are in the structure and size.

With a hard-shell roof tent you need fewer actions than with a soft-top roof tent.
This saves you some time during assembly, but the differences are relatively small. With the hard-shell roof tents you don't even need 1 minute, with the soft-top tents it can be set up in under 3 minutes with a little practice.

The hard-shell roof tents are suitable for 2 people, the folding tents (soft top) are available in different sizes from 2 people to 4-5 people.

The shell construction of a hard-shell roof tent is made of plastic (ABS/fiberglass) or aluminum, or both components together. This combination of materials makes it possible to use gas pressure springs. These ensure a quick set-up time.

A soft top roof tent or Folding tent consists of 2 base panels, which are connected to each other with swivel joints. The tent body is attached to an aluminum pole and automatically stands up when the roof tent is unfolded.

The soft top roof tent is protected with a sturdy cover that is connected with a zipper. It is a robust and stable PVC tarpaulin, as we know it from trucks.

The soft top roof tents are opened using the ladder, which then serves as a support in order to be able to use the full lying area.
Thanks to this folding mechanism, a soft top roof tent offers the largest lying surface dimensions.

Both types of roof tent have expansion options such as:b a side awning (Gear Rock Kootenay) or Awning (Treeline Ponderosa and others). Roof tent accessories are available in a large selection for all models and you can find them here. All roof tents from Canada Gear generally come with an extensive accessory package and are suitable for 4 seasons.

Can I also sleep in my roof tent in winter?

YES! It is also possible to stay overnight in winter in all roof tents that you can buy at Canada Gear.
The 2-person hard shell roof tents from Gear Rock are all equipped with a thermal inlay, which can be hung up if necessary can be. This makes it easy to stay in it even in cold temperatures. In combination with a thick sleeping bag, it is also great for people who are particularly sensitive to the cold.

In the Treeline roof tents, the 380g/m2 tent fabric ensures special insulating properties. The large PVC skylights are frost-resistant down to -60 degrees. Due to the large number of ventilation openings, you don't have to worry about the tent heating up even in summer.
That means you can also ice in the winter without any problems with roof tents from Canada Gear. If it gets too cold or you are planning a trip to the North Cape, you can also use a roof tent heater.
The models from Planar-Heaters (Canada) are ideal for this.

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What makes a premium roof tent?

Treeline Outdoors was founded in 2013 and is the first Canadian rooftop tent company. Since then, Treeline has focused on producing the best rooftop tents in the world in terms of functional designs, materials and features.

The tents are designed to perform in the harsh Canadian climate and that means they must endure tough use anywhere on earth.

Canada Gear is the European general importer of Treeline Outdoors.
The Treeline roof tents are made from high-quality and robust materials.
The tent body is made of a 380g poly/cotton blend with built-in ripstop and PU coating and is therefore particularly robust and insulating (suitable for 4 seasons).
The tent floor is a robust, ultra-light aluminum honeycomb base (honeycomb), the strongest and most durable floor panel on the market. Aluminum poles with a wall thickness of 2 millimeters ensure the best protection even in harsh weather. So if you are looking for a folding tent, then it should be a roof tent from the Treeline Outdoors brand.

The best hard shell roof tent brand for all wilderness adventurers is Gear Rock. Robust design meets maximum functionality for self-sufficient travel. Developed from practice, our demands flow into every detail. Overlanding in harsh conditions and all weather conditions. Equipped with a full range of accessories, handling is quick and easy.

GEAR ROCK is a brand of Canada Gear in collaboration with partners in North America. The tent body is made of a 280g/m2 poly-cotton blend with integrated ripstop and PU coating, which makes it very robust and mold-repellent and, together with the thermal inlay, achieves excellent insulating properties. Gas pressure springs from the marine sector stand for a long service life.
Whether stable and low aluminum construction or fiberglass reinforced ABS with aluminum frame in the substructure, the hard shell roof tents from Gear Rock have something for every type of vehicle.


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Where can I find the Gear Rock and Treeline roof tents?

You can find the roof tents from Gear Rock and Treeline Outdoors in our store:

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