Autoterm control element - PU-5 (analog) (planar)
Autoterm control element - PU-5 (analog) (planar)

Autoterm control element - PU-5 (analog) (planar)

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Analog control element for Autoterm air heater AIR 2D and 4D.

“Power Mode” (When the external sensor is NOT connected)

  • Designed to warm the room as quickly as possible
  • The auxiliary heater constantly works with a set power

“Temperature mode” (When the external Sensor is connected)

  • Designed to heat the room to the required temperature
  • The heat output decreases as the difference between the desired temperature and the temperature in the room decreases

“Ventilation mode”

  • Designed for air circulation in the room

“Ventilation during heating ” (When the external sensor is connected)

  • Designed to maintain the required temperature in the room
  • After the required temperature is reached, the room heating is stopped and the room air circulation is carried out
  • Controls the room temperature - When the temperature falls below the set point, the heater starts in ventilation mode


Scope of delivery:

  • Autoterm control element PU-5