The team


We are the Canada Gear team

Passion is an expression of our products!

We're Canada Gear - We love Canada! We are not alone - I'm sure many of you share this passion. We don't just know the country from pictures, we have experienced it live and in color. Wild and free in nature, as a backpacker or off-roader, everything was there. What unites us is the desire to be free, independent and self-sufficient in nature. Choosing the right products for every type of adventure is important to us. They have to meet high demands, withstand extreme weather conditions and support you in every situation. High professional solutions for everyone. Ready for any adventure, that is our claim! Together we will show you what is possible. so be there!



Heiko Michaelis 

Founder and CEO 

Inspired by wild nature

I'm Heiko and a passionate outdoorsman.Growing up in Northern Germany, I love the Nordic countries of the world.

It all started many years ago as a backpacker. With just a backpack on my back, I was able to travel to many countries and experience their uniqueness. One country particularly impressed me - Canada. I was there for the first time when I was 26 and got to know the country and its people up close. Now my path takes me back - but this time not as a backpacker but rather with a tent on the roof of the car.



Falk Ossinger

Sales Manager B2B

At home and on the move in the north

My name is Falk and I am a child from the coast. I know the Nordic conditions. Not only because I live directly on the North Sea, but also because my travel destinations are here.I not only went on nature hikes myself, but also offered guided tours for others.

With my converted camper, I know Northern Europe like the back of my hand. My family and I love the dune sand and the salty sea air. I share my experience and enthusiasm with you.




Andi Lange

Sales Manager B2C

Car fanatic from the very beginning

Hey, I'm Andi and I'll tell you everything about your car and all the technology. As a trained car mechanic, metal shavings are in my blood. No matter whether it's interior design, trailer know-how or the right roof tent. I make everything possible for you.

I know all the technical details from the cradle and can help you with all topics related to the perfect on-the-go experience. With me you can turn your own vehicle into a camper.


Hendrik Schilling

Sales Manager B2C / Content Creator

Get out into nature whenever possible

I'm Hendrik and I'll show you where you can experience nature. There are so many impressive goals. And very close to you. Do you want to start the road trip of your life freely and self-sufficiently? I will help you and explain all the options for the big and small adventure.

As a hobby photographer, I know what little things you should think about and why camping is so diverse today. Listen to me, I share my passion with you.






Tobias Gillmeister

Executive Assistant 

The route is the destination

Hello! You can call me Tobi and I am a true North Frisian. For me and my family, Denmark is the undisputed first destination and where there is no second. The wide sandy beaches, navigable, with dunes and salt water, there is nothing better.

Professionally, I am a car mechanic and I know more about your car than you do. Would you like to build your own camper and need help and instructions? That's exactly what I'm here for and would be happy to show you my own project.