Hybrid roof tents

The new generation of hybrid roof tents - travel wherever you want

The hybrid roof tents from Hapro achieve a new definition of high quality. The first roof tent family called Hapro Vista was launched in two sizes. Experience the new design of hybrid roof tents at Canada Gear and with you the whole world.

The latest materials in a unique combination result in a low weight (75kg for the XL version), which allows you to use it on most vehicles. Would you like to travel not only in the warm season, but also in winter or in the direction of Northern Europe? The new Hapro Vista hybrid roof tent offers you exactly these options.

Hybrid Dachzelt von Hapro in Familiengröße

 The advantages of a hybrid roof tent

A hybrid roof tent combines the advantages of two types of roof tents. The design combines a combination of hard shell roof tent and folding roof tent. Gas pressure springs open the upper shell, an additional base plate is folded out with the ladder, and you're done. The assembly time is therefore faster than with folding roof tents and at the same time there are also expansion options.

The size gives you more space than with a hard-shell roof tent, this is made possible by the fold-out base part. In addition to the size, it also offers better weather protection compared to a folding roof tent, which is always an advantage with hard shell tops.

With the Hapro roof tents, however, it is not just the design-related advantages, but also the materials used that make the difference in the class. Durable cotton canvas from partner Dewaard stands for an exceptional service life. The robust and impact-resistant hard shell lid is made of polycarbonate/ABS plastic. This unique mixture makes the upper shell extremely stable and UV-resistant, which guarantees the longevity of the roof tent. By selecting the highest quality materials, an extra long guarantee period of 3 years is guaranteed.

Mit dem Hybrid Dachzelt Hapro Vista XL am See

From 2-person to 4-person roof tents - hybrid design in all sizes

 The Hapro Hybrid roof tents are available in two versions, i.e. two different sizes. The Hapro Vista L is for 2 people and has a lying surface of 207 x 130cm. With the Vista XL you already have a size for 4 people with a lying area of ​​207 x 220cm. You can create additional space for both models with extensions such as an add-on awning or an add-on awning (available from April 2024).

Would you like to try out a roof tent like this to see for yourself? Of course, the Hapro roof tents will also be available for rental from March 2024. You can request your desired date at any time on our Roof tent rental - online booking page. Choose between the individual roof tent models and check our calendar to see when it is available. There is no better way to choose a roof tent.  

Im Wald mit dem Hapro Vista Hybrid Dachzelt die Natur erleben

Personal advice from adventurers for adventurers

If you still need help making a decision or have further questions about one of the roof tents for 2-3 people from our shop, you are of course always welcome to contact us. We have set up a hotline especially for you, where you can reach us on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.: +49 4761 925 8747. At our locations or at one of our partner dealers you will of course also receive comprehensive advice and can test out the roof tent straight away and take a closer look at it.