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Anti-theft nuts set M8 (4 nuts with 1 key)

Normal price €38,95

Theft protection for the roof tent

To make it almost impossible for thieves and to secure the roof tent on your vehicle as best as possible, these tamper-resistant nuts are screwed onto the standard fastening screws (M8) using a special wrench (nut).

The special wrench (nut) is used with a standard open-end wrench or ratchet. Due to the sufficiently large hole, even with a protruding thread, any screw length can be used.

The anti-theft nuts are made of high-quality stainless steel so that they can be used permanently outdoors. The range of uses is not just limited to attaching a roof tent, but can be expanded to include many other attachments and accessories on the vehicle.

Scope of delivery:

  • 4 anti-theft nuts (M8)
  • 1 special key (nut)