Why Treeline?

10 reasons for a roof tent from Treeline Outdoors

In Canada, passionate outdoorsmen have turned their passion into a mission. With their specially developed roof tents, they stand for being self-sufficient in nature, subject to the highest demands. Your equipment is designed for adventure. Absolute reliability thanks to robust construction, quick and easy assembly for a carefree experience. Here are all the details for you that represent the uniqueness of the Treeline roof tents:


1. Aerodynamically shaped All roof tents are aerodynamically shaped for optimal wind cutting to withstand weather conditions even better.


2. 380g Poly-Cotton Canvas Tent Fabric & 420D Diamond Rip-Stop Rain Cover After much testing and research, the strongest tent fabric has been developed, which has the best ratio to minimal weight properties and breathability. It provides optimal protection from the elements and can even be completely darkened to ensure optimal sleep.


3. Frost-proof PVC panoramic windows (skylights) Huge panoramic windows are installed in the covered entrance area and above the sleeping area. They are frost-proof and offer a view of the starry sky or let in sunlight during the day. It's easy to darken from the inside and adjust it the way you want.


4. Patented quick-release fasteners In order to make installation and removal as quick and easy as possible, hand-fastened quick-release fasteners were developed and patented. You don't need a wrench like other manufacturers do to tighten the nuts when space is limited. No tools are needed, everything is done quickly and easily by hand.


5. Lightweight aluminum honeycomb panels (honeycomb base) It has been a long search for a material with minimal weight and maximum resistance. The aluminum lightweight honeycomb panel. Not only is it the lightest and highest strength material on the market, but it also has the best insulating properties for the mattress.


6. Patented roll-up side openings Treeline is the first and only manufacturer to equip its roof tents with completely roll-up side openings. In addition, you can of course also use the poles to set up the openings. You will experience the most beautiful views of nature without restrictions.


7. Extra-wide swivel joints All Treeline roof tents have extra-wide joints installed for opening and closing the floor elements and the U-poles when they are set up. This means you can leave all your sleeping clothes, the awning and other things in the tent and easily fold it up. It couldn't be easier to use.


8. Solar panel holders Extra O-rings were installed above the side openings in order to be able to attach solar panels to the installed surfaces. This gives you the opportunity to be self-sufficient without having to do without a power supply.


9. Storage net, fastening straps, patented shoe and storage pockets Every square centimeter under the lightweight base plate has been equipped with a large storage net, robust fastening straps and patented shoe and storage pockets. Everything is firmly connected to the plate and is immediately ready for use when opened without having to install it separately. A sophisticated attachment principle made this immediate use possible. Roof tents from Treeline come with full equipment.


10. Ladder holder A separate ladder holder has been developed for more space under the base plate and for the awning. You fold the ladder up and easily lock it with a click lock. More freedom is not possible.