Rental VISU Sitka Plus Camping Module
Rental VISU Sitka Plus Camping Module
Rental VISU Sitka Plus Camping Module
Rental VISU Sitka Plus Camping Module
Rental VISU Sitka Plus Camping Module
Rental VISU Sitka Plus Camping Module
Rental VISU Sitka Plus Camping Module
Rental VISU Sitka Plus Camping Module
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Rental VISU Sitka Plus Camping Module

Normal price €45,00


Expand your camping experience.

The VISU Sitka Plus camping module, like all models, combines a lying area with a large storage unit and a practical table function. ZThe centrally placed rear pull-out box is also integrated here. DH Not only is there extra storage space, but also a water tank and a fold-out work surface.

All VISU modules offer you the easy option of converting your van into a camper without changing anything. Consisting of 3 units, they are placed in the vehicle like a modular system and connected to each other. As fastening material, use the included lashing straps and shroud tensioners to connect to the vehicle eyelets. Each VISU module gives you a flexible sleep system with many useful features for being on the go.


- VISU Sitka Model SP06 in the dimensions 190cm (length) x 138cm (width top edge) and 115cm (width bottom edge)

- Suitable for the following vehicles: Toyota ProAce (2016 to present), Citroen Spacetourer (2016 to present), Peugeot Traveler (2016 to present), Opel Zafira Life (2019 to present), Opel Vivaro C (2019 to date), Mercedes Vito/Viano (2003 - 2014), Mercedes Vito Tourer/V-Class W447 (2014 to today), Fiat Scudo (2021 to today)

- Lying area 190cm x 140cm

- Comfortable cold foam mattress 8cm thick, can be dismantled into several parts (for use as a cushioning surface when sitting)

- Fold-out table surface (out of the lying surface)

- Storage space (370 liters) under the entire length of the seat, with a fold-up lying surface (on the left and right sides)

- Rear pull-out box with water tank (5L), additional 40L storage space and fold-out work surface

- Can be used flexibly in the vehicle, e.g.b Taking bikes with you

- All further details under VISU Sitka Plus Product details

Rental prices:

(valid when booked by 31.12.2024)

45 € / day (minimum duration 4 days)

10% discount / from 7 days

15% discount / from 14 days

20% discount / from 21 days


- Car suitable for VISU Sitka Plus (see above.G Vehicle models)
- Lashing eyes completely included in the vehicle floor and can be used to secure the module

Please ask us about the availability of additional VISU modules for other vehicle types.There are always new demonstration modules that we can make available to you. Simply use the contact form.


We will install the camping module in your vehicle. With complete instructions and all the useful tips for getting around, you can start your holiday straight from us. Returns work the same way and everything is included in the price. You also don't pay a deposit. The handover location is always our showroom store in 27432 Bremervörde.

Please allow 1-2 hours for assembly, depending on the vehicle type. In the booking form we ask you for the desired pickup time. If you have made the online booking, you will receive an email confirming the time or other suggestions. You can view the rental conditions at the link above under “I have read and agree with the terms”.

If you have any questions about the camping module, please visit our information page "Adventure Vanlife - How to convert your vehicle into a camper".

Do you need help and have questions about whether a camping module fits in your vehicle? Please contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.