Overland Fuel fuel canister (9l)
Overland Fuel fuel canister (9l)
Overland Fuel

Overland Fuel fuel canister (9l)

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Fuel canister / Jerry Can for overland and off-road use

The new Overland Fuel fuel canisters are made for long-term use under the toughest conditions.
A patented and TÜV-tested material is processed in the Netherlands according to the highest quality standards.

The canisters are manufactured using a rotational molding process with extra thick walls and only one layer for maximum stability. Loosening between different layers is impossible. The material resists corrosive effects in the long term.

A specially developed closure with a fuel-resistant seal in an ABS screw cap makes the canister absolutely leak-proof. For screw caps with "indestructible" threads, see Overland Fuel's CNC machined hardened aluminum caps.

Includes grommet with vent

A nozzle with vent for easy tank filling is included.


Important information about using fuel canisters

  • Keep canisters of fuel away from fires, burners, stoves, heaters, electric motors and other sources of fire! Fuel vapors, when combined with sparks and fire sources (including smoking!), can explode even at greater distances!
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Do not store in the vehicle or living room.
  • Always store fuel in a well-ventilated place and use/transfer outdoors.
  • Keep canister closed when not in use.
  • Do not suck in fuel with your mouth.
  • Store upright.
  • Pay attention to pressure conditions, especially at extreme temperatures and temperature changes, and if necessary. to ensure pressure equalization. Be sure to avoid repeated inflation and contraction of the canister!


Overland Fuel Fuel and Water Can FAQ

Can be mounted in stacks

Overland Fuel canisters can be stacked on top of each other. We recommend not mounting more than two canisters together on one mounting surface on the vehicle.

Once the canisters are filled, the weight is not insignificant. Please check the mounting surface for appropriate stability before attaching!

Water in fuel and fuel in water cans

We offer Overland Fuel canisters that are specifically designed for transporting water or fuel. We strongly recommend that you adhere to the appropriate intended use for the respective canister. Even if the materials seem very similar at first glance, their properties are different!

Do I have to bleed Overland Fuel fuel canisters?

Yes. Like all fuel canisters, Overland Fuel canisters also need to be bled regularly. Fuels form gases that build up pressure in the container.

Pay attention to the condition of the canisters, especially at high temperatures. The warmer it is, the more gases are released from the fuel!

Since repeated, strong inflation and contraction of the canister affects its material properties and stability, make sure to place the canister in the shade if possible and to vent it regularly, especially in hot weather.

Can Overland Fuel canisters expand and contract?

Yes, of course. All materials inherently exhibit a certain degree of thermal expansion. In addition, there is the liquid filled in.

This fact is taken into account as much as possible in the design and manufacture of the canisters. The way corners, recesses and surfaces are shaped and the selected material thickness reduces the movement of the material and thus the impact on the material properties to a minimum.

Furthermore, the canister material itself is designed accordingly. It is flexible enough not to break under impact and harsh usage, yet stiff enough to keep thermal expansion to a minimum. The material has been tested by TÜV and the water canisters meet the requirements of the EU Commission for plastics that are intended to come into contact with food (does not apply to the silicone seal and screw lid).

Overland Fuel canisters can expand and contract, but movement is reduced to a necessary minimum.

Can I use Overland Fuel canisters with my Rotopax holder?

Yes, Overland Fuel canisters can be combined with existing Rotopax holding systems.


  • Size: 360mm x 470mm x 78.5mm
  • Fill volume: 9 liters
  • Weight: 1.9kg
  • Patented, TÜV-tested material
  • Color: Black

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Overland Fuel fuel canister (9L)