Metalian Maxi
Metalian Maxi
Metalian Maxi
Metalian Maxi
Metalian Maxi
Metalian Maxi
Metalian Maxi
Metalian Maxi
Metalian Maxi
Metalian Maxi
Metalian Maxi
Metalian Maxi

Metalian Maxi

Normal price €29.579,00

We expect the next delivery in the 2nd. Quarter 2024

The Maxi is the largest of the four Metalian models. It offers space for a 90L fridge/freezer, 130L fresh water tank and a kitchen to ensure your physical well-being. As with all Metalian trailers, every opportunity has been used to thoughtfully generate storage space so that you can have a great, comfortable and adventurous trip with the whole family. Glamping, let's go!



  • Monocoque base unit made of 3CR12 stainless steel - housing, doors, drawbar, etc.
  • Epoxy polyester powder coating
  • Complete trailer seam sealed at 180°C
  • Polyurethane underbody protection layer
  • 1.6 ton brake axle
  • 2 ton, 950mm leaf springs with Gabriel shock absorbers
  • KNOTT overrun brake and ball coupling
  • Jockey wheel
  • Tare: +/- 750kg (depending on configuration)
  • ATM/GTM: 1600kg
  • 3x 15” black steel rims with CST Sahara A/T 245/80R15 tires
  • Bumper
  • 2x front and 2x rear stabilizer feet
  • 6x side doors with 304 stainless steel locking bars and hinges
  • Car door rubbers on all doors
  • All doors with interior carpet lining
  • Aluminium stone chip protection in front of the trailer & nosecone
  • Nosecone with 2 doors and ventilated gas bottle compartment
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Mudflap


Trailer options

  • Spare wheel swing arm
  • Trailer roof with checker plate cover and ‘roof rails’
  • Trailer roof with roof rack, fastening struts and checker plate cover
  • 2.5 ton brake axle
  • Special configuration on axle and bolt circle
  • Upgrade 17” black aluminum rims with Maxxis Bighorn M/T 245/70R17 tires
  • Choice of colors other than bronze, green, black or white


Electrical supply

  • HcDP MK7 Battery Management System
  • 220VAC to 12V 20A Smart Charger
  • DC – DC charger 12V and 20A (no separate double battery switch required)
  • Digital voltage and current monitoring
  • USB charging socket
  • Battery undervoltage protection
  • Integrated 330 watt MPPT solar charge controller
  • LED charging source indicator
  • Residual current circuit breaker
  • Auto DC & Solar Charger Detector
  • 1x 220V socket on the panel
  • 4x 12V Hella output plugs
  • 3x circuit breakers for light, pump and refrigerator
  • 230V CEE socket
  • 108Ah lithium battery
  • LED lights installed in all compartments
  • Brad Harrison connector (solar input and charging the battery while driving)
  • 1x 220V socket in the kitchen compartment
  • Short circuit protection on all outputs
  • 13 pin trailer plug
  • LED position lights with reflector
  • LED multifunctional taillights


Electric options

  • Second 105Ah lithium battery incl. Assembly
  • Foldable 200W solar panel (monocrystalline, ETFE surface)



  • Drawer pull-out for refrigerator, 1000mm long, load capacity 180kg
  • Drawer pull-out above refrigerator, 1000mm long, load capacity 180kg
  • Rear extension, 1340mm long, load capacity 180kg
  • Kitchen cabinet (adjustable shelf)
  • Bedroom shelf (adjustable shelf)

Interior options

  • Rear drawer runners 1340mm long, 180mm deep, load capacity 180kg
  • Canvas storage pockets in all doors (except nosecone)



  • Dometic 2 flame gas cooker installed in the kitchen door
  • 2x 65ltr poly water tanks (mounted internally in the belly of the trailer)
  • Water tap with hose
  • Water pump with filter system
  • Foldable frame for sink and drip tray
  • Sink and drip tray
  • 2x 5kg gas bottle holders (mounted in the ventilated gas bottle compartment)


Comfort options

  • 90ltr National Luna aluminum fridge/freezer
  • Stainless steel camping table with suspension in the trailer
  • Cutlery & dishes for 6 people
  • Warm Water Ready (for installing a water heater)


PLEASE NOTE: Pricing is based on basic equipment excluding import costs, European registration and delivery. Please contact us directly for current import costs and delivery times.