Adventure Gear - Bison 1879 Universal Axt
Adventure Gear - Bison 1879 Universal Axt
Adventure Gear - Bison 1879 Universal Axt
Bison 1879

Bison 1879 Universal Axe

Normal price €85,95

Bison 1879 universal axe. Hand-forged ax made of high-quality steel according to ancient craftsmanship. A versatile ax for all forestry and garden work: light felling, thinning and even light splitting work. The blade is medium strong, forged with a wide cutting edge and sharpened. The natural hickory handle is particularly hand-friendly and easy to grip thanks to its varnished surface. Each ax is supplied with a robust leather cutting edge protection and only original with the BISON.

Head weight 1250 g with 70 cm hickory handle, varnished


  • Handmade using traditional blacksmithing
  • Quality steel, hand-forged for a long service life
  • Hickory wood, highly resilient tool handles
  • Hand-forged, head 1250 g, tool steel grade A, handle 700 mm, hickory varnished, triple safety wedge, cutting edge protection made of real leather, for all universal work in the forest and garden, Made in Germany
  • Version with handle protection sleeve or without

Delivery version:

The Bison 1879 universal ax is only delivered without a handle protection sleeve (note deviations in the pictures). However, the characteristics remain unchanged in all other respects.