Expedition reports

 Andre R. from Dortmund (09/2018)

"Before buying, I first asked myself the basic questions, how and where do I want to travel with a roof tent and what do I expect in terms of durability, robustness, etc. Practicality. Furthermore, negative experiences already made with another manufacturer should not be repeated.

After I had gathered a lot of information about the new model series from various manufacturers and was able to see for myself the roof tents at the "Abenteuer & Allrad" trade fair, the choice was clear the Treeline Tamarack.

The first major holiday with the roof tent took place on a tour within Croatia, where the practical test was carried out and the special highlights of the other manufacturers were tested .

On the journey itself I could already notice a positive effect of the construction of the folded and packed roof tent. It was immediately noticeable that the wind noise was greatly reduced by the normally inflating weather protection tarpaulin and that driving at a speed of 110-120 km/h was much more pleasant in terms of noise level.

When you take a closer look at the weather protection tarpaulin (when closed), you immediately notice that the lower area of ​​the roof tent floor quite a bit overlaps more, which means it better protects the fabric in the piping rail from moisture when it rains on the highway.

The packaging concept of the roof tent is well thought out. It offers a double strap that makes it easy to pull together. The length of the overhanging fabrics was also chosen so that it is not possible to damage the tent fabric when packing up with the zipper.

As with all other roof tents, unfolding is completely identical and simply designed. After unfolding, you can store tools, fishing equipment, etc. on the freely accessible floor of the tent. to assemble. Everyday objects (e.g.b Jackets, sweaters) can be easily stored in the net provided for this purpose.

A highlight of the roof tent is the panoramic roof, which means you can enjoy a beautiful view at night when the sky is clear. In hotter regions, the two side windows can be rolled up to reduce the temperature in the roof tent, which allows for good air exchange. The mattress is not too soft and, with a healthy average, allows for a comfortable night's sleep. What I noticed negatively is that the mattress lies directly on the floor and an additional 3D mesh fabric has to be purchased to protect the mattress against moisture.

In order to take elevated photos of the landscape during the vacation, the roof tent was often folded and the tent floor was taken no dents , dents or damage.

The construction of the roof tent was deliberately chosen by the manufacturer to be reinforced, for example.b to enable camping in  strong wind. This could also be observed at night and the roof tent withstood the strong winds on the coast optimally. With a roof tent from another manufacturer, however, the distorted poles of the covered entrance had to be bent straight again by hand.

All places on the roof tent that are exposed to heavy loads have been reinforced or changed in such a way that the closure is significantly delayed .

In conclusion, I can only say that I have no regrets about the purchase and I would definitely like to have more will recommend . In my opinion, it is currently the best and highest quality soft roof tent available on the market."