Rental conditions for roof tent rental (valid from November 30, 2022)

The following rental agreement is agreed upon booking a variable period:

The rental agreement includes the following modules:

- Roof tent (as described)
- Accessories as listed
- Assembly/disassembly and instruction on the customer vehicle

Rental prices incl. VAT:

The total costs listed apply for the selected period in the online booking calendar. A discount for longer rental periods will be displayed on the shopping cart page and deducted from the total price. Price tiers with corresponding discounts are shown in the product text on the booking page.

The rental prices include the applicable statutory sales tax. Assembly takes place at the landlord's place of business. The costs for this are included in the rental price.

Rental conditions including accessories:

1. The installation is carried out jointly by the landlord and tenant.
The landlord is not liable for damage to the vehicle caused by attaching the roof tent, as the tenant is involved in setting it up and dismantling it.
The landlord has liability insurance for attachment to the roof structure, which may be required. Any damage during assembly will be replaced.
These must be reported immediately by the tenant on site. Subsequent defects cannot be reported.

2. If the rental agreement is canceled by the tenant up to 4 weeks before the rental date, 50.00 euros will be charged as compensation. The remaining amount will be credited to the customer after the bank details have been provided.
If the contract is canceled up to 1 week before the rental date, 50% cancellation costs of the total amount will be charged.
If the contract is canceled within one week of the rental date, the total amount will be charged as cancellation costs. If the tenant returns the roof tent late, a fee of 50 euros per late day will be charged.

3. A copy of the identity card remains with the landlord until the roof tent is returned.

4. The landlord undertakes to hand over the rental item to the tenant in a usable condition (cleaned and disinfected).
When the item is handed over, the risk is transferred to the renter and he checks the tightness at regular intervals, at the latest after the first 100 km and then every 500 km, in order to tighten the screws if necessary.

5. The renter is obliged to return the rented roof tent in a usable condition. Any damage that may occur will be recorded upon rental and signed by both parties.

6. If the renter returns the roof tent defective, he undertakes to enter into a repair contract on his behalf with Canada Gear Gmbh & Co KG, Gewerbering 6, 27432 Bremervörde. The repair can also be carried out by another company in coordination with the landlord.

If a defect occurs in the roof tent or accessories during the rental period, the landlord must be notified immediately by telephone or in writing so that the roof tent can be rented out afterwards.
For this purpose, we recommend that the tenant take out suitable liability insurance that covers any damage to rental items.

7. The landlord and tenant check the rental property for defects and functionality upon handover.
The handover protocol is signed by both parties and the tenant receives a copy. The tenant can waive the material inspection if he certifies that it is complete even without inspection. The landlord then remains entitled to determine the current inventory according to his knowledge.

8. The tenant must return the roof tent to the landlord clean (without rubbish), handle it carefully and store it during the rental period. He is liable for all damage that goes beyond normal wear and tear (tears in the fabric, in the cover, defective zippers, etc.) The tenant can also do this via his private liability insurance. If the roof tent is returned uncleaned, the landlord can charge a flat rate of 50.00 euros as a cleaning fee without proof.

9. In the event of a total loss or loss of the roof tent, the tenant must pay the landlord the roof tent at the current new value (see new price of the respective roof tent on incl. listed accessories).
This also applies to missing or defective accessories (e.g.b Ladder, mesh fabric, accessories, etc.) where the current prices in Germany incl. Delivery can be estimated.

10. Animals are not allowed in the roof tent; in the event of violations, the tenant pays a cleaning fee of 150.00 euros.

11. The tenant is obliged to protect the item from overuse in every way.

12. Subletting the rental property is not permitted.

13. The permissible total weight of the vehicle must not be exceeded. The information can be found in the vehicle registration document and counts for superstructures while driving.

14. The use of car wash facilities is prohibited during the rental period as damage to the roof tent could occur.

15. The height and width of the vehicles incl. Roof tents must be taken into account and, if requested, will be measured and noted on the day of rental in order to avoid damage to the vehicle and roof tent, for example when entering parking garages, on ferries, etc.

16. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The place of jurisdiction and place of performance is Bremervörde, as prescribed by law for merchants and legal entities under public law for both parts. If one or more provisions of the rental agreement with the customer, including these rental conditions, are legally invalid, the remaining conditions remain unaffected. The fully or partially ineffective regulation should be replaced by a regulation whose economic success comes as close as possible to that of the ineffective regulation. Changes and errors, printing errors and deviations are expressly reserved.