About Us

We're Canada Gear.

Passion is an expression of our products

We love Canada! We are not alone - I'm sure many of you share this passion.

We don't just know the country from pictures, we have experienced it live and in color. Wild and free in nature, as a backpacker or off-roader, everything was there. What unites us is the desire to be free, independent and self-sufficient in nature. 


 Heiko Michaelis - CEO / Marketing

I'm Heiko and a passionate outdoorsman.Growing up in Northern Germany, I love the Nordic countries of the world.

It all started many years ago as a backpacker. With just a backpack on my back, I was able to travel to many countries and experience their uniqueness. One country particularly impressed me - Canada. I was there for the first time when I was 26 and got to know the country and its people up close. Now my path takes me back - but this time not as a backpacker but rather with a tent on the roof of the car.


 Michael Hartel - CTO / Development


I'm Michael, a committed roof tenter and developer of the Kitcheninthebox. 

It all started in 2011 and our first holiday with a roof tent. Our plan: we wanted to travel small and compact and still not have to miss out on anything. This is how the first kitchen box was created - although it was 90 cm wide and weighed over 40 kilograms, it was still quite unwieldy. But with each tour it was further developed and improved. 

A complete redesign followed at the beginning of 2018. Today, Kitcheninthebox stands for new and innovative solutions that aim to combine high functionality with compactness. Sophisticated detailed solutions are just as important as a timeless and attractive design. 


       David Lugmayr - CEO Easygoinc


I'm David, Vanlife expert and developer at Easygoinc.

We are happy to be part of Team Canada Gear and to bring our van system to Germany.

It is an innovative in-house development that incorporates our entire personal vanlife know-how. The cross-model compatibility and the individually adaptable modules make it so unique and incomparable. The quick installation and removal makes it easy to try it out.


But when you're on the move you need more than just a roof tent - you can't miss the right equipment.


Kitcheninthebox - stands for independent supplies on the go, i.e.H Cooking, washing and storing in the smallest of spaces, ready to use anytime and anywhere, lightweight design, handy size. The first in-house development, created from being self-sufficient on the road.

Adventure Equipment - from self-sufficient power generation, which can be perfectly combined with a Canadian roof tent, to important outdoor tools and innovative ones Extensions. We will always keep you up to date with everything useful for outdoor use.

Vanlife - our partner Easygoinc was exactly the piece of the puzzle we were missing to offer you the complete package. Larger vehicles such as VW Buses, Jumpers or even simply Caddys can be easily set up for road trips with their interior. If you can make it so flexible that it can be taken out again within 10 minutes, then it represents exactly what is important to us - independence.

Together we will show you what you can do with your vehicle.

Because you don't have to travel to Canada to be able to travel independently. So join us and follow us! 


"Freedom is not a privilege, but a task"