About Us

My name is Heiko, 37 years old and a passionate outdoorsman. Coming from the backpacking scene, I have been able to experience many countries around the world. I was in Canada for the first time very early on and got to know the country, people and nature. It was the country that left the most lasting impression and that I still rave about today. As fate would have it, my first step out of my backpacking trips took me back to Canada.

The requirements are highest in Canada

Growing up in Northern Germany, I love the Nordic countries of the world. That's why I'm aware of the requirements that the equipment has to meet and I took this rule to heart when I was first looking for a roof tent. I quickly came across a company that makes exactly these demands on itself, namely Treeline Outdoors. There was no plan at all to find a Canadian company from the outdoor scene. It was the well thought-out products that met all requirements that fascinated me and the decision was made.

You need more than a roof tent when you're on the move

The additional functions of a Treeline roof tent are enormous and the adventure equipment the company offers and develops is also unique. In the development of this devotion, where it all began with Canada, there was an encounter that became formative. A joint workshop on the topic of roof tents and the use of the vehicle interior not only led to collaboration, but also to a great friendship. Michael is the developer of the Kitchen in the Box and has put his heart and soul into this idea. For him too, everything arose from private devotion and that is why it became so special.

The complete package has been created

As luck would have it, another great encounter shaped the rooftop camping offering. When researching roof tents, the very young, innovative company Easygoinc was only able to find one brand on the market that met their high standards: Treeline Outdoors. Since we also had an offer for the interior design system before, everything changed again with this encounter. The modular design, high quality, vehicle-independent and adaptable to requirements is a development that is second to none. A partnership has been created with this great team that complements us perfectly and allows us to show what you can do with your vehicle. Because you don't have to travel to Canada to be able to travel independently. This is exactly where our guiding principle comes from:


"Freedom is not a privilege, but a task"

Georges Bernanos