Mini caravan

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Bushcamp - the mini -Caravan for the perfect off-road adventure

Whether over hill and dale or through the mountains. The Bushamp off-road trailer from ProCamp takes on every challenge. The time-consuming search for the right accommodation is a thing of the past. Thanks to the comfortable sleeping option, you can also spend the night comfortably and protected outdoors.

Simple and flexible vacation do - with the mini caravan

Do you love driving off-road during the day and still want to be able to sleep comfortably at night? Then the ProCamp Mini Caravans are exactly the right thing for you. A huge sleeping area inside, combined with a fully equipped kitchen with all the possibilities, as well as the most robust caravan body you can imagine. Everything you need to be self-sufficient, whether on the street or next door. ProCamp Mini Caravans meet the highest demands and can be configured as you wish. Because it doesn't necessarily have to be off-road, the mini caravans are also available as an on-road version.

Mini-Caravan am Strand

Is it supposed to be a family vacation and there aren't enough places to sleep? No problem! Every Mini Caravan from ProCamp can be easily equipped with a Equip roof tent. You can even install the large 4-5 person roof tents without any problems. You can't have more options in a small space!

The Mini Caravan fits in every carport or garage

Our mini caravans are a real eye-catcher behind every pick-up, off-road vehicle or station wagon . With them you always have your home on 2 wheels with you. If you want to leave it at home, you have the advantage that the bush camp's compact height of only 185cm gives you space almost everywhere. The light weight also means that you can easily maneuver it without any aids. 

In our Canada Gear Store in Bremervörde you can get an idea of ​​the bush camps for yourself and get detailed advice from us - but we are also happy to do this by telephone: You can reach us from Monday to Friday between 9.00 a.m. and 6 p.m.00 p.m. on our hotline +49 4761 925 8747. Alternatively, we will respond to your message as quickly as possible via our contact form.


Mini-Caravan im Gelände Offroad unterwegs

You can find it here perfect camping trailer 

Whether Bushcamp Explorer with a comfortable bed, plenty of storage space inside and outside and a kitchen in the rear that has been thought out down to the smallest detail or the Cargo with a huge sleeping area, also intended for transport tasks. With the ProCamp Mini Caravans you have everything you need for your outdoor adventure. Due to the good insulation, the camping trailers can be used without any problems even in colder outside temperatures. A camping holiday in a winter wonderland no longer has to be just a pipe dream. 

Our range of camping Trailers and off-road trailers

In addition to the mini caravans from ProCamp, you will also find off-road trailers from < in our range t1>Metalian . These are all-terrain roof tent trailers from South Africa. The Metalian off-road trailers are available in 4 different sizes, with many different equipment options and a platform for your Roof tent.  You can find an overview of the Metalian Camper trailers here.