Helena and Jess from Bremen (05/2023)

Our first trip with baby in a roof tent

We were excited and at the same time had our concerns as to whether this was the right thing to do with our eight-month-old son.
We received the best advice on site at Canada Gear and we were afraid that it would still happen It's too early.
After this incredibly great vacation, we can say 100% that we don't want to go on any other camping vacation except in a roof tent.


Treeline Tamarack Dachzelt Verleih

We set off for the Netherlands at the beginning of May.
We picked up the roof tent and within an hour we were given detailed instructions on how to set up and take down the tent.
We arrived at our destination quite late, but it was easy to set up the tent in just a few steps.
There was even time for a short walk to the beach for the sunset. We also had a suitable awning with us and helped set it up.
We could store our things in it and also sit in it when it rained. With the exception of one night of storms, we were lucky with the weather. It was dry and comfortable up in the tent, but a little water found its way into the awning (the zipper wasn't fully closed). With the first rays of sunshine in the morning, the wet feet were forgotten again at night.

Treeline Tamarack mit Vorzelt

The next time the tent was put up and taken down was so much quicker than the first. The handles fit quite quickly and you know what to look out for.

Another highlight is this great panoramic view in the tent. Even when one of us put our son to bed, he could still watch the beautiful campfire flickering next to our tent.

We didn't want the vacation to end, but after a week we went back. The handover also went smoothly and we look forward to the next time!

Mit Dachzelt am Lagerfeuer


Frei stehen mit dem Treeline Tamarack