Family C. from Bremen (07/2020)

"In the beginning there were actually only cancellations, but then it became the greatest vacation we have ever had as a family!

But first things first: The plan (for over 2 years) was for us - Jan, Uta, Jannes, Alma and Rika - to realize our dream of a camping holiday on the east coast of Australia and visit friends in the summer of 2020. But then a little virus came along and, like many others, put a damper on our plans - but only quite shortly before the trip was supposed to start.

Jan, who was an enthusiastic camper in his youth but then became very comfortable, has repeatedly had the idea of ​​trying out a roof tent over the last few years. After two emails and a nice phone call, we suddenly reserved a roof tent, but because we seemed reserved, we were offered a test bed beforehand. The evening before this we were invited to dinner with friends who camp on the North Sea for several weeks every year with their 3 children (the same age). They had actually already convinced us that a trip with 5 people and only 1 roof tent was a really stupid idea. Only because we wanted to go to Hamburg anyway, we went to the test berth date as it was practically on the way - with the firm intention of canceling! There was an extremely bad mood in the car for many reasons. This disappeared less than 5 minutes after we got out of the car at Canada Gear (rooftop tent surfing). Luckily, since we were there anyway, we noticed the test lie and climbed into the roof tent provided for us all together and lay down and immediately fell in love! We all threw aside the advice of our friends, finalized the contract and got advice on what we definitely needed for the trip. There were a lot of things we hadn't thought of. But there was also very valuable advice for carrying out the trip. The brilliant thing is that you can not only stand on tent sites, but also on sites that are actually only intended for mobile homes. Maximum freedom.

Almost 8 weeks later we picked up the roof tent and received perfect training in its use (assembly and dismantling, what to pay attention to, etc.) and were only allowed to leave the farm when it was clear to everyone that we wouldn't have any problems. We have rarely used a tent that is so easy to set up and erect.

Three days later it started. The plan was to travel through Germany counterclockwise. But at the Zugspitze we took a wrong turn and ended up in France.Due to the weather, we took a detour to Strasbourg on the way to Lake Constance, fell in love again, so we drove back there and then clockwise through France to Paris. Since Australia was actually planned, we luckily had a lot of time!

On average we were at each location for 2 to a maximum of 4 days. But sometimes just one night. This was never a problem either, as Jannes and Jan - after they had established themselves as a team - needed about 5 minutes to completely set it up and 10-15 minutes to dismantle it.



You can almost sleep in heaven - the view through the skylight is a dream (whether into the branches of the trees we were standing under, or directly into the starry sky!)! And in terms of space we had no problems, neither when lying down (sleeping) nor when the weather was bad. Then we played upstairs while we sat downstairs (under the overhang) and read, for example. The rental offer also included the awning . But Jan was always too lazy to set it up and the weather was far too nice, so we only used it once.


The pictures perhaps speak for themselves and to cut a long story short, the next trip is planned! Maybe now it will be the planned trip to Germany."






 Am Waxenstein



On the Road                      Paris 


Versailles, from here it's 15 minutes by train.