NEW at Canada Gear: Camping Modules from VISU

VISU Camping Modul im Van


VISU's sleep systems are characterized by an intelligent storage system based on a modular principle. Individual modules can be placed in the vehicle by just one person and are easy to connect to each other. Strong side panels made of laser-cut steel offer a perfect combination of load capacity, handling and unique design.

Highlights of the VISU camping modules are definitely the fold-out table surface from the base plate, seating options on two sides, a quality mattress that can also be used as a back cushion, and the pull-out kitchen units. Can be expanded with additional modules and the selection of suitable sizes for every vehicle type, in short or long versions.

No box. Comprehensive spatial planning

Every usable centimeter is capitalized. That is the motto of the innovative manufacturer from the Czech Republic. The interior of the vehicle can be designed completely individually using the model range. From the kitchen box to the universal storage compartment to individual bag units - multifunctionality across systems.

From high-roof station wagons to large panel vans. Sleeping systems in modular form have the advantage that you can use your vehicle as a camper today and again tomorrow to transport people or as a transport vehicle. Such modular systems are simply carried into the trunk and secured there using a shroud tensioner and lashing strap. If the van needs to be replaced after a few years, the module can simply be taken into the next vehicle. The new Trim Fit Technology makes it possible to adapt to changes in the interior.

European Footprint. Materials regional and recycled

Quality without compromise, production as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. VISU has been following this path since the beginning and produces 97% of all camping modules regionally in the Jizera Mountains. Working with local craftsmen who stand behind their work just as much as the manufacturer and carry out joint development work makes the difference. Mattress covers are made from 100% linen and the filling is made entirely from recycled foam. The multiplex laminated wood used does not use laminate and 40% is saved in the plastic consumption of the bags.

The young company VISU works officially and exclusively with Canada Gear from Bremervörde in Northern Germany. At Adventure Northside (September 15-17, 2023), a large exhibition area will be dedicated to the topic of camping modules and the manufacturer's entire range of models will be on display. At booth PD1, Canada Gear will answer any further questions about vehicle interior design and adventure vanlife. You can find more information on our FAQ page on the topic Adventure Vanlife - How to convert your vehicle into a camper


Tischfunktion beim VISU Camping Modul Moie

Aussenansicht Van mit VISU Camping Modul