Family F. from Kiel (07/2018)


"We, as a pretty bourgeois family, wanted to try an adventure on our next vacation. By chance we came up with the idea of ​​traveling with a roof tent and the wanderlust destination of Norway was quickly identified. Our Skoda Yeti - a real space miracle, although only as long as a Golf - was equipped by us as a camper and thus ensured the feeling of security that philistines need. The perfect combination for our small family of 3! In the Ponderosa from Treeline we not only found comfortable space to Not only to sleep, but also to play a game of cards together in the evening. Thanks to the additional mesh mattress, there was no back pain at all. We felt so comfortable that we even longed to go back to the tent in our bed at home. But that was not the case It definitely also had something to do with the great nature that we experienced so intensely when traveling this way. We could simply stay where we liked. The many windows in the tent made it possible to perceive and enjoy many perspectives around us.

Since we only stayed in one place for one night, it was ideal that the tent could be set up and taken down quickly - no time-consuming cleaning of the tent floor, no sorting of the poles. The sleeping bags could remain in the tent, so the storage space in the car was a little more relaxed. However, you have to distribute them evenly, otherwise it won't fit. At one point we didn't pay enough attention to whether there was condensation on the roof of the tent and ended up carrying damp sleeping bags. So ventilate properly after the night! When it rained (which hardly ever happened), there was enough space for the three of us under the unfolded tent, which we used without an awning.

The compactness of our vehicle enabled us to explore even narrow paths and the simplicity of our way of traveling allowed us to focus on the essentials. All in all, we can say that this vacation was really good for us and we are already planning the next one!"