Janek S. from Cuxhaven (06/2019)


"Hello, I'm Janek S. from Cuxhaven. I like to spend my vacation by car so that I can travel from place to place. At first I spent the night in the car. However, this is very inconvenient - just because I just can't stretch out - I looked for an alternative.

In my search I had three main criteria: I didn't want to have to travel with a trailer, the use shouldn't be limited to a specific vehicle and it should be able to be dismantled after the holiday without much effort.

I really tried a lot and finally came across a roof tent. When choosing it, I made sure that it was robust, quick to set up, light but still windproof. For use, there should be plenty of openings for ventilation.

I looked at a lot of tents at “Adventure and Allrad” and then looked for a dealer near me. First of all, I wanted to try out whether a roof tent really met my expectations and fulfilled my criteria. And what should I say? After a test holiday with a rental tent, I am now the proud owner of a tent from Treeline (Tamarack model). So the next vacation can come!"