Stratchit combination belt (pair)
Stratchit combination belt (pair)
Stratchit combination belt (pair)
Stratchit combination belt (pair)
Stratchit combination belt (pair)
Stratchit combination belt (pair)

Stratchit combination belt (pair)

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Secure your load simply and effectively. Thanks to the Stratchit combination belts, you no longer need to be afraid of impassable roads. Nothing wobbles here anymore! With the integrated ratchet you can easily lash down any size equipment.


  • Adjustable from 560mm up to 1524mm, with an additional 203mm when fully stretched.
  • Your expensive equipment such as surfboards will not be damaged by over-tightening.
  • Secure: Crates/boxes (Pelican, Zarges, Alu-box, etc.) on each roof rack.
  • The combination belt absorbs tension.
  • Quick and efficient: simply attach the ends and tighten the strap by hand.
  • Can be attached around almost anything.
  • Perfect for Front Runner roof racks and accessories, but works with all common roof rack systems.
  • Secure Wolf Packs, Cub Packs and other boxes (Pelican, Vargas, Alubox etc.).
  • Safe surfboards, SUPs, bicycles, firewood, chairs etc.
  • Keep your roof rack clean and organized with the Velcro strap that neatly stores excess strap length.
  • Always sold in pairs.


  • Hook the carabiner of the Stratchits into eyebolts or simply wrap them around the crossbars or side profiles.
  • You can even remove the carabiner and simply wrap the Stratchit around itself to attach it to any railing, pole, spare wheel mount, etc.


Please read and follow the warnings carefully - failure to do so could result in damage to the cargo or cause injury.

  • Never tighten the straps too tightly. Use only your hands.
  • Never stand directly in front of the Stratchit when tightening it to avoid the risk of injury if the strap comes loose.
  • On your journeys, check from time to time whether the Stratchits secure your load well and change the position if necessary. You should check the belt after the first 16 km of the ride and every 80 km thereafter.
  • The user must evaluate the load and requirements. DO NOT use to support human weight.
  • To ensure the greatest possible longevity, the Stratchits should be protected from direct sunlight or other weather influences when not in use.
  • Check the stratchits regularly for their condition.
  • Make sure the Stratchits attachment points are strong enough to withstand the load while driving.
  • Be particularly careful when attaching large objects that are subject to aerodynamic lift forces caused by uneven roads. Always use an appropriate number of belts and drive at reduced speed to minimize the effects of these forces.


Adjustable from 560 mm up to 1524 mm from the hook of the carabiner. Can extend up to 203mm when stretched.
Can hold up to 100 kg

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 x Stratchit combination belt