GEAR ROCK Chilkat - Soft Top Roof Tent
GEAR ROCK Chilkat - Soft Top Roof Tent
GEAR ROCK Chilkat - Soft Top Roof Tent
GEAR ROCK Chilkat - Soft Top Roof Tent
GEAR ROCK Chilkat - Soft Top Roof Tent
GEAR ROCK Chilkat - Soft Top Roof Tent
GEAR ROCK Chilkat - Soft Top Roof Tent
GEAR ROCK Chilkat - Soft Top Roof Tent
GEAR ROCK Chilkat - Soft Top Roof Tent
GEAR ROCK Chilkat - Soft Top Roof Tent
GEAR ROCK Chilkat - Soft Top Roof Tent
GEAR ROCK Chilkat - Soft Top Roof Tent
GEAR ROCK Chilkat - Soft Top Roof Tent
GEAR ROCK Chilkat - Soft Top Roof Tent
GEAR ROCK Chilkat - Soft Top Roof Tent
GEAR ROCK Chilkat - Soft Top Roof Tent
Gear Rock

GEAR ROCK Chilkat - Soft Top Roof Tent

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GEAR ROCK ® Chilkat Soft Top Roof Tent 

GEAR ROCK ® - The new roof tent brand for all wilderness adventurers. Robust design meets maximum functionality for self-sufficient travel. Developed from practice, our demands flow into every detail. Overlanding in harsh conditions and all weather conditions. Equipped with a full range of accessories, handling is quick and easy. GEAR ROCK is a brand of Canada Gear in collaboration with partners in North America.

The GEAR ROCK ® Chilkat is a 2-4 person soft top roof tent in a compact design and with a double lying area that can be folded out. As a 2 person version with 140cm width or for 3-4 people in 180cm. Choose the right size for your adventure.

The tent material consists of a cotton/polyester blend (280g/sqm), which reinforces ripstop and is therefore particularly tear-resistant. It is also PU-coated on the inside to prevent moisture from being passed on (protection against mold formation).

A particularly lightweight honeycomb base plate combines excellent stability as a lying surface, with a low overall weight (52kg) for easy unfolding, transport and assembly on the vehicle. Strap holders on the opposite side of the hinge ensure easy access and simple fixation of the base plate parts. No plastic corner elements but only aluminum curves (extra flat) ensure long-lasting mobility of the tent fabric.

The transport protective cover is made of high-density polyester, with PU coating on the inside and 12000mm water column. A completely circumferential zipper (all 4 sides) offers easy and quick opening without inserting into the piping rail. Thanks to its matt ripstop design, there is little shiny color on the vehicle roof, so it remains inconspicuous.

Do you want to reduce the roof load even further? Spring pin holders are installed on the base plate, which make it easy to remove the telescopic ladder. Without the ladder, your weight is just 46kg (59kg for the 180cm version). It can be pushed together to a length of 73cm (extended max. 2.30m) and can either be fixed to the base plate or transported in the trunk or inside the roof tent.

Both lying surface parts are connected with a robust stainless steel hinge and a base plate distance of a total of 18cm. This deliberately designed, wide space ensures plenty of space inside the roof tent for storing bedding, pillows or the included thermal inlay. Use the extra storage space to keep more space in the vehicle.

The interior offers a lot of space and freedom of movement. The selectable roof tent widths each come with a lying surface length of 240cm, perfect for appropriate body sizes or for additional storage use of the footwell. An interior height of 107cm in the roof tent offers ideal headroom and plenty of room to move.

For perfect temperature regulation in the GEAR ROCK ® Chilkat, there are two large openings in the roof tent skylights. A protective layer of mosquito net fabric and the opening tent fabric on top ensure an individual setting at all entrances to the roof tent. You can regulate the heating air by zipping up these skylights and extract it as quickly as possible. The rainfly above is equipped with extra spaced U-bars, which offers perfect ventilation. As additional heat protection, it also has a reflector coating on the underside.

To adapt to any weather condition, the GEAR ROCK ® Chilkat features a covered ladder area with pre-installed zipper for awning addition. Here too, the installed skylight ensures brightness in the ascent and the entire awning area. The awning (with zip-off base part) is closed on 4 sides and will be available from March 3rd. Be available in quarter 2023.

The Chilkat is a 4-season roof tent, like all other models from the GEAR ROCK ® brand (GEAR ROCK ® Package). There are no forced ventilation openings integrated into the tent fabric, but rather 4 individually adjustable supply air areas that are only equipped with zippers. So if you don't want air to enter in cold temperatures, you can close these areas completely. The breathable tent fabric and the lower entrance opening area ensure sufficient ventilation.

In particularly cold temperatures in winter or the transitional season, use the thermal inlay that comes standard with all GEAR ROCK ® roof tents to get perfect insulation. Also included is the 300g down duvet with a water-repellent cover. With a size of 180 x 210cm, it can be used in the roof tent or outdoors.

Other accessories include a large shoe bag unit with space for 2 pairs of shoes (the 180cm version has 2 shoe bags), a large storage net under the ladder platform, and  a removable LED light that can be attached to the tent.

Inside the GEAR ROCK ® Chilkat is equipped with a 6cm thick high density foam mattress, protected in a water-repellent protective cover. The standard also includes a 10mm thick 3D mesh fabric as a mattress base, for perfect ventilation and even better comfort.

Features GEAR ROCK ® Chilkat :

  • Dimensions 140cm version: Closed 147 x 126 x 33cm (LxWxH), Open 310 x 147 x 132cm (LxWxH), lying area 240 x 140cm (LxW)
  • Dimensions 180cm version: Closed 187 x 126 x 33cm (LxWxH), open 310 x 187 x 132cm (LxWxH), lying area 240 x 177cm (LxW)
  • Weight: 140cm Version: 52kg (without ladder: 46kg); 180cm version: 65kg (without ladder: 59kg);
  • Max. Load: 250kg (140cm version); 300kg (180cm version)
  • Color: Basic tent fabric: Gray; Rainfly: Black; Protective cover: Black
  • Material: Basic tent fabric: cotton/polyester blend, PU coated; Rainfly: 210D polyester with heat coating (bottom); Protective cover: High-density polyester (600gsm), PU coated
  • Soft top roof tent folds out to 240cm base plate length (lying area)
  • Rainfly protection with double tension rods
  • Roll-up side openings (semi-circular shape) 
  • Securing the entrance canopy with 3 lines and 3 pegs
  • Huge skylights with mosquito repellent fabric 
  • Telescopic ladder (removable) in 2.3m length
  • 2-layer fabric material at all entrances: mosquito protection and tent fabric with zipper
  • Particularly quiet tent fabric in windy conditions
  • Removable, weatherproof shoe bag unit can be freely placed (for 2 pairs of shoes)
  • High density foam mattress in 6cm thickness
  • Water-repellent mattress protector
  • 3D mesh fabric included as a mattress base
  • Inner height 107cm (highest point in the middle)   
  • Storage net under the ladder platform
  • 6 inside pockets (e.g.b for smartphone and power bank)
  • Removable LED light, rechargeable via USB
  • Entrance canopy with zipper for extending the awning
  • Very light protective cover (high-density polyester, 600gsm) with all-round zipper (4 sides)
  • Down duvet (300g filling) in 180 x 210cm with water-repellent protective cover
  • Thermo inlay included for additional insulation
  • Optional: Removable awning, completely closed (with zip-off base section), available from 3. Quarter 2023

Scope of delivery:

  • Soft top roof tent GEAR ROCK ® Chilkat in 140 or 180 version
  • Telescopic ladder (2.3m length extended)
  • 8 tension rods and 1 aluminum telescopic rod
  • 1 shoe bag unit (140cm version) or 2 shoe bag units (180cm version)
  • 1 LED light
  • Mattress underlay (3D mesh fabric) in 140 x 240cm or 180 x 240cm and 10mm thickness
  • Down duvet (300g filling) in 180 x 210cm, color anthracite
  • Thermal inlay with transport bag
  • Fastening material 
  • Optional: Removable awning, completely closed (with zip-off base section), available from 3. Quarter 2023

Two roof racks are required to attach the vehicle. Observe a minimum distance of 70cm!

The GEAR ROCK ® Chilkat is on display in our showroom store in Bremervörde.
Feel free to visit us spontaneously or arrange a consultation appointment using the contact form.

Please contact us to test out the GEAR ROCK ® Chilkat. We also have this item in our rental range.

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